Do you like the theater, movies or go to the museum? have you ever think in the privilegie that it means to be able to enjoy this activities? reflects, when have you visited an artistic / cultural show, have you ever seen  there people with disabilities? It’s probably that the answer it’s no, does not look like a weird situation, considering that 20% of adult population in Chile it’s in a disability situation?

The art it’s part of the culture and we all are part of this culture and society. In Lazarillo er know that, that’s why we have been part of different projects that connect people with disabilities with art, entertainment and culture. How do we make it? through the interior navigation system that we offer, there are already many spaces that have been enabled so that everyone can move with autonomy such as: Museum of Memory, CorpArtes, Manos a la Pared and more.

Accessibility options, exist. The important thing is that there is the will to make the necessary adaptations or ideally, the creation with an inclusive base, that artists and creators are aware of this, can be open to inclusion and experience new techniques.