City image, with a person with visual impairment and another with reduced mobility on the sidewalk

Success stories

They have already brought accessibility to the next level, be the next one to make your spaces more inclusive!

Make your spaces more accessible with the technology of Lazarillo Services and give precise information to your visitors


BancoEstado has installed Lazarillo Services in 3 of its branches and 2 ServiEstado. Now people with visual disability can access all spaces, such as cashiers, counters, etc.

Thanks to Lazarillo Services, banking is closer to people with visual disability, advancing in inclusion and accessibility. Do it as well!

“What I liked the most was that I was able to enter the bank alone without needing help from anyone; since the application told me to go up five steps and push the door and immediately began to speak about what was in front around me.”

Rodrigo Quintanilla, user of Lazarillo with total blindness.

Museo de la Memoria y Derechos Humanos

The “Museo de la Memoria” along with SENADIS, has installed Lazarillo Services. Now their visitors can:

  • Move with autonomy.
  • Enjoy the museum exhibitions thanks to the guided tour with self-description.
  • Access to audible information of the sample, through integrated videos in sign language.

The “Museo de la Memoria” contemplated physical improvements in the accessibility of the place, besides creating spaces and exhibitions with accessible information; thanks to Lazarillo Services, everyone can access the culture.

Visit the museum with LazarilloApp on your smartphone or through the available tablets for those who need it.

Image of enclosed layout with routes and points of interest

“I had the opportunity to be in the “Museo de la Memoria”, where Lazarillo showed me, step by step the places I was traveling to. It makes me, being blind, to have no problems. It was like being in the future!”

Raúl Jiménez R. user of Lazarillo, blind from birth.

Lotus Producciones

Three days of live music, five stages, fifteen thousand square meters of park. Lollapalooza 2018 (Lotus Producciones) had Lazarillo Services and allowed the autonomous movement of people with visual disability.

The Lollapalooza visitors who used LazarilloApp could:

  • Move with autonomy through the enclosure.
  • Know which band played on each stage.
  • Know the program of the event.
  • Locate the hygienic services.
  • Locate the sponsors’ stands.
  • Receive menu information and food stands’ prices.

Thanks to the special view of the event, visitors using LazarilloApp managed to access all the necessary information, optimized to work with screen readers and also in offline mode.

We enabled 120 GPS locations that allowed access to music and recreation for all, in a never-before-seen way.

Image of Lazarillo in Lollapalooza showing map of the place, with list of food areas

“In the festival, one often walks with a companion and the companion is more lost than you, so the app helps you a lot. I have used it without any problems because everything goes super detailed; the programming info appears in the social tab, as well as restaurants, hygienic services, everything!”

Paula Alarcón, Lazarillo App user with low vision.