Office image with Lazarillo mapping, broken down into layers of digital information

Why choose us

Lazarillo creates maps and data structures linked to the functionality of spaces to deliver intelligent and accessible information.

Make your spaces more accessible with the technology of Lazarillo Services and deliver accurate information to your visitors.

Lazarillo creates accessible spaces from its functionality

  • Lazarillo Services differs from other positioning solutions in interior spaces, because their methodology to create accessible spaces uses the available technology to deliver an expertise of relation to space from its functionality. Lazarillo uses beacons’ technology to establish the visitor’s position in space and picks up the building’s design information, structuring the data of the place’s architectural program in the databases linked to the spatial measurements; this,in order to be able to deliver intelligent messages.

Why is Lazarillo your best option?

It allows you to connect with thousands of people who use LazarilloApp.

A permanent system’s update to be always compatible with the latest mobile technologies.

Offers an adaptable and scalable accessibility solution for your needs.

You get access to Lazarillo’s Portal, with the main interaction statistics of your visitors.

The cost of the solution is much lesser than commissioning the development of your own system.

Lazarillo provides permanent support, in addition to remote monitoring of the system, ensuring that it is always operational.

Lazarillo Portal

  • By hiring Lazarillo Services you will access Lazarillo Portal; where you can:

    • Update the information of your institution/brand/service.
    • Enter contact information.
    • Enter links of interest.
  • You can also view statistics on the use and operation of Lazarillo Services in your spaces and download periodic reports.

Image of Portal Lazarillo, which gives statistics on: Interactions in the field, visiting time, user ratings, profile views, views of your facilities