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Shared Mobility Profile plan

$80 per city /Monthly fee

  • Connect LazarilloApp with your shared mobility hardware, so citizens with disabilities get alerted and can report if they have issues. 
  • Lazarillo Profile
  • Parking integration for alerts
  • Post on LazarilloApp
  • Reporting option for users


Graphic showing how Lazarillo can map e-scooter locations and alert users about them with audible messages.

make e-scooters a safer part of your city

E-scooter companies can utilize heatmaps created from aggregate data on how lazarillo users travel through their city to plan e-scooter parking locations more safely.

Provide detailed updates to keep pedestrians safe

Lazarillo can be integrated with an e-scooter company's API to help alert users to the presence of e-scooter parking areas. This helps users with disabilities to travel more safely and intelligently.

Woman gets alert from Lazarillothat an e-scooter is parked in her walking path.
A student is guided through campus by the Lazarillo app!

Reporting and Customer support integration

E-scooter companies can integrate their customer support platform with the lazarillo app so that users can easily report issues or connect with a customer support agent.

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