Meet Our TEAM

CEO Rene Espinoza

Rene Espinoza


René is the CEO and co-founder of Lazarillo. He is passionate about mixing technology and well-being through assistive technology. René is an Electrical Engineer selected as an MIT Innovator under 35, Latam, and a Young Leader of America initiative sponsored by the US State Department.


Jonathan Taivo


Jony is a co-founder of Lazarillo. He studied engineering at Universidad de Chile, where he met René and other future team members. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer, music, and chess, as well as mountain biking.


Jorge Ampuero


Jorge is the Chief Technology Officer at Lazarillo. He is happily married and the father of two dogs. Outside of work, he enjoys anime, reading manga, and playing board games.


Miguel González

Director of User Experience

Miguel worked as a Professor of Assistive Technology for many years before joining Lazarillo. He also studied computer programming and loves to speak publicly about causes he cares about. He also loves interacting with Lazarillo users to find out how to improve the app and platform!


Nany Gudiño

Operations Analyst

Nanmar is an entrepreneur and mother of two. She has a degree as an Informatics Technician. She lives and works in Venezuela, and joined Lazarillo in 2020. In her free time, she enjoys dancing and binging her favorite tv series.

Sam Cedar

Marketing and Communications

Sam joined Lazarillo in December 2020. He attended Baylor University, where he earned degrees in English and Film and Digital Media. Originally from Marion, Illinois, Sam is an avid artist, cinephile, and music lover who also enjoys backpacking and photography. 

Daniel López Pérez

Marketing and Communications

Daniel is a Journalist and the Director of Marketing and Communications at Lazarillo. He loves listening to music and eating good food. He also enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures, and is passionate about building a more inclusive world! 


Thalía Rosas

Marketing and Communications

Thalía is a Colombian Journalist and Writer with experience working with NGOs and international organizations as a community manager and creator of audiovisual content. She has co-authored two books about various social issues.

Alejandro arturo arellano


Alejandro is a Paralympian who competes in long jump events. He’s been working in accessible tourism for many years, and has a passion for helping people with disabilities have great experiences.  


AmpI Martinez Cardama

Accounting and Finance

Ampi was born in Punta Arenas, Chile, and moved to Argentina at 8 years old, where she is still living today. She studied accounting at Universidad del Aconcagua in Mendoza. She has two brothers (one of whom is her twin). She loves to return to Punta Arenas, where many of her friends and family are still located.

Diego Siraqyan


Diego is currently living in Santiago, Chile, where he graduated from University with a degree in business. He has traveled and worked in a number of different countries. In his free time, he enjoys practicing sports – espescially soccer – and also listening to or playing music.

Luis Becerra Uribe

Software Developer

Luis is a father who loves programming with a cause, blending a passion for social issues with his love of tech.  

Renato Johao Balcázar Loaiza

Software Developer

Renato is a passionate Software Developer at Lazarillo. He seeks to learn something new every day. He lives and works in Ecuador.

Ale Nigrelli

Software Developer

Ale is a Software Developer and Computer Analyst. He graduated from UNC and enjoys comedy – occasionally he even performs Stand Up!

Pedro Nieto

Software Developer

Pedro is a Software Developer from Argentina. He enjoys playing video games and watching TV series in his free time. He does not enjoy writing bios!

Iram Martinez

Software Developer

Iram is the youngest member of the Lazarillo team, and has been coding since a young age. He enjoys gaming and sports. 


carlos juca

Software Developer

Carlos was born in Ecuador and is currently working as a backend developer with Lazarillo. He is 22 years old and studying Systems Engineering. He enjoys reading and watching TV series – especially in the horror genre!