Lazarillo Now Offers FREE Workshops to O&M Specialists!

Blind young man in black sunglasses walking outdoors

Orientation and Mobility (O&M) specialists are a vital bridge between people with visual impairments and the vast array of assistive technologies available to the community. O&M specialists typically work with students directly to teach people who are blind and visually impaired the specific skills they need in order to know where they are and how to move freely, safely, and efficiently to where they want to be.

O&M specialists are constantly searching for new ways to help their students navigate the world with more confidence and safety, and Lazarillo wants to provide the resources that they need to seamlessly integrate the instruction of our technology to their students without the hassle of trying to learn the technology on their own.

That’s why we are offering FREE workshops to O&M specialists that are interested in learning more about what Lazarillo has to offer! We will teach the use of our app’s mobility features, like its geolocation and navigation services, as well as other important skills, such as navigating the apps interface, creating custom routes, using the news feature, and much more! We’ll also hold a Q&A after the workshop in order to ensure that every question is answered and that specialists are able to thoroughly teach the use of our technology to their students.

Our #1 goal at Lazarillo is to provide as many solutions to the community of people who are blind or visually impaired as possible. We know the importance of O&M specialists to the community, and we want to provide every resource available to make their jobs easier and introduce their students to the possibilities of our technology.  

If you or your organization is interested in scheduling a workshop, just fill out the form below and we’ll schedule a date to hold the workshop virtually. Whether you are one O&M specialist interested in learning more about Lazarillo or an organization for people with visual impairments interested in holding a workshop for a number of instructors, we look forward to working with you to improve the experience of you and your students.

If you know any specialists who would be just as excited about these workshops as we are, share this blog or invite them to join you for a workshop! We want as many people as possible to have access to this resource, and the best way to spread the word continues to be to share the exciting possibilities offered by Lazarillo with your community!

Lazarillo – breaking barriers for inclusion!