Making universities everywhere more accessible

Lazarillo’s cutting edge geolocation technology can be integrated into your campus to create an accessible environment for your students with disabilities.

Making Universities everywhere More Accessible

Lazarillo’s cutting edge geolocation technology can be integrated into your campus to create an accessible environment for your students with disabilities.

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A student is guided through campus by the Lazarillo app!

Search for relevant locations on campus

Students can search for their classroom, professor’s office, recreation center, or any other spot on campus that they need to access

A woman using a walking cane stands beside a woman using a wheelchair

Navigate Campus safely and efficiently

students can navigate campus confidently with detailed audio messages that describe their surroundings

A phone showing the Lazarillo App is next to a favorited building on campus.

Choose the route that best suits your needs

students can set a route to any location on campus, and choose between walking routes and accessible routes

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Benefits of partnering with lazarillo

Universities can connect students with a service representative and send notifications!

Engage Community

Send your students accessible

messages with important updates,

links, or information.

Lazarillo can make your campus more accessible!

Improve accessibility

Ensure that your students with disabilities never struggle to find an accessible route.

Phone showing various accessible locations on campus.

Increase Inclusivity

Give your students easier access to their classes, office hours, and advising appointments.

User Testimonials

I was traveling 30 kilometers and I used Lazarillo… the app was telling me about every bus stop and store near me. I felt like crying for so much help and for that I want to thank all of you.

Miguel Pedro Bisceglia

Thank you for your dedication, for this wonderful idea that came to solve the life for so many of us…

Ruth Mancilla

I am a Lazarillo user and I love it. Thank you very much for creating this miracle because when I go out, I know which streets I am going to, the establishments that are close by and I can know all the nearest bus stops #thanks

Alma Hernández

I am a special ed teacher and I use it as a tool to help students when we do orientation and mobility. The application is fantastic!!!

Rocío Nicolaci

case study – The pontifical catholic university of chile

Works on multiple layers to provide access to all of your university’s facilities

Users can navigate outdoor spaces like quads and commons, indoor spaces like classroom and office buildings, and even find additional amenities such as restrooms.

Computer screen showing a detailed map of campus.
Two mock ups of phones using the Lazarillo app show the navigation feature in action.

navigate campus with detailed audio guidance

Users are provided a detailed map of your campus right from their smartphones.



Keep your students informed about what’s happening on campus

update maps and send accessible alerts so people with disabilities are aware of construction zones and other temporary changes on campus

Students get notifications about their university from the Lazarillo app.


Get updates on how our services are being used to improve accessibility for students on campuses everywhere!

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