Healthcare for People with Disabilities

Access to healthcare is essential to living a healthy and happy life. Even for people without disabilities, healthcare can often be costly and difficult to access. Unfortunately, many more barriers exist for people with disabilities against having access to reliable and accessible healthcare services.

These barriers can include physical barriers, such as architecture that blocks a person with mobility impairment from reaching or entering a facility, and communication barriers, such as audio messages that are inaccessible to people with hearing impairments or written notices that are inaccessible to people with visual impairments.

People with disabilities can be further hindered by systemic and policy related barriers to equal access, such as being denied access to services or accommodations that would otherwise allow them the means to access the healthcare that they need.

Lazarillo’s Solutions

At Lazarillo, our goal is to remove as many of these barriers as possible for people with disabilities, so that they can have easier access to the healthcare services that they need. These solutions include easing transportation barriers by providing safer navigation to and through healthcare facilities for people with impairments to vision or mobility, and providing a more accessible means of communication for healthcare facilities to use when communicating with their patients with disabilities.

Thanks to Lazarillo’s state of the art navigation and geolocation technologies, patients with disabilities can reach their healthcare provider more safely and efficiently. With Lazarillo, healthcare providers can also provide their patients a detailed and fully accessible map of their hospital, doctor’s office, or clinic for indoor wayfinding. They can specify which locations are accessible to users and which are off limits, so that patients with disabilities can navigate through the facility as safely and seamlessly as possible. Lazarillo can even be connected to pre-existing digital maps of the facility in order to optimize existing resources.

Lazarillo’s News feature breaks even more barriers to inclusion, offering healthcare providers a fully accessible communication tool that can be used to send dictated education materials to patients with disabilities. Providers can also use the news feature to provide updates about changes to their practice and give their patients quick, easy access to their contact information in case they need to reschedule.

Benefits to Providers

In addition to helping patients with disabilities by providing more access to healthcare facilities, Lazarillo also benefits providers by reducing late appointments, improving communication with patients with disabilities, and ensuring that all of their patients are informed about important healthcare updates or changes to the practice. Lazarillo can provide education to staff members on how to interact with people with disabilities in the most inclusive way possible, complementing our incredible technology with accessibility consulting. We can even provide consultation on digital accessibility to ensure that healthcare facilities are in full compliance with ADA guidelines.

If you are interested in learning more about the solutions that Lazarillo can offer to your practice, visit our healthcare use case page here, or follow the link below to schedule a brief introductory call!

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