With the rise of digital technologies, especially mobile apps, millions of visually impaired individuals now have the tools to navigate their surroundings more precisely and in real-time. If enhancing your clients’ experiences is a priority, it’s essential to consider those with mobility issues, including visitors with visual impairments.

The Power of Technology: Lazarillo App

One of the most effective ways to enhance your space using technology is through Lazarillo, a free app designed for the blind. Lazarillo helps visually impaired individuals explore their surroundings with voice guidance, providing turn-by-turn directions and information about various locations, such as food and entertainment spots, fashion and technology stores, ATMs, and other services.

With just a mobile phone, an internet connection, and Bluetooth technology, users can create accessible routes and gain access to numerous places with increased autonomy and independence thanks to Lazarillo App and it’s powerful mapping platform, MapVX.

How Does an App for the Blind Work?

To create an inclusive and accessible environment in educational, commercial, or healthcare spaces, Lazarillo offers interactive digital maps for indoor navigation and geolocation of both open and closed spaces. This mobile application can significantly enhance the experience for thousands of visitors, making their visit unique and unforgettable.

The maps are customizable, allowing for easy modifications to the contained information. For example, if a shopping center closes unexpectedly or blocks one of its entrances, Lazarillo can notify users, enabling them to better plan their visit. This adaptability applies to all mapped sites, and clients can directly review and update the information. Any changes made to location or usage parameters are automatically reflected in the app, with updates communicated to users via news items.

How to Create Inclusive Digital Maps

One of the biggest challenges for visually impaired individuals is the uncertainty of navigating new or unfamiliar spaces. Apps like Lazarillo provide comprehensive solutions for mobility by enabling the creation of inclusive digital maps, transforming any site into a truly friendly environment.

To create these maps, you need the plans of the space you want to adapt. In collaboration with the client, key areas and strategic zones for implementing indoor navigation beacons are identified, enhancing movement precision and autonomy when using the app.

After developing the digital map with the necessary information to guide users, tests are conducted to verify functionality in Lazarillo. Once the maps are operational, users receive audible information, allowing them to navigate to your site and through points of interest such as entrances, service desks, and offices. Routine activities like banking or shopping in a mall become enhanced experiences thanks to this intelligent orientation app.


For individuals with orientation difficulties, spaces configured to be fully accessible can significantly improve their quality of life by providing clearer movement pathways. Free apps for the blind, like Lazarillo, offer sustainable solutions that enhance mobility and independence.

These apps and their customizable digital maps can make the difference between a positive and negative experience. Understanding and implementing these digital tools based on each client’s needs can lead to improvements for everyone, whether in open or closed spaces. Moreover, these solutions can integrate with websites, digital kiosks, and other mobile apps, aiding not only those with disabilities but anyone needing orientation in an unfamiliar place.

Mobility for All

Large venues like airports, amusement parks, or malls, which receive numerous visitors daily, benefit from accessible navigation. MapVX, Lazarillo’s mapping platform, helps create interactive maps with store directories and information about schedules, offers, and other data, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Explore this advanced tool for creating interactive maps by visiting MapVX.