The Importance of Accessible Transit

Accessible public transportation is essential in the creation of an equitable and inclusive society. Whether it’s traveling to work, visiting a friend or family member, or getting essentials like food and groceries, access to reliable transportation is a fundamental necessity that should be guaranteed to everyone – regardless of their disability. 

All too often, public transportation isn’t accessible to people with disabilities, whether due to an inability to reach stops or a lack of accessible information about stop times and routes. This keeps many people from being able to actively participate in a society that they could otherwise play an important and beautiful role in. 

Lazarillo’s Solutions

Lazarillo is working to make public transportation more accessible in cities around the world – starting in the Midwestern United States with Detroit, Michigan. Thanks to our partnership with Newlab and Ford’s Michigan Central Development, we’ve been able to partner with folks throughout Detroit to integrate public transit systems with the Lazarillo app and ensure access to bus stops and important information about routes and times.

All of this information can be accessed directly from the Lazarillo app, by viewing the transportation category or a specific transit entity’s profile. So far, we’ve integrated with DDOT, Smart, and Qline in Detroit to make public transportation more accessible no matter what transit system you use. Check out this video to see how it works!

Our goals

Ultimately, our goal is to expand this service to cities around the country and globe, ensuring that people everywhere can access transportation safely and efficiently. We just spoke about this mission at SXSW in Austin, Texas – one of the largest global business conferences – and we’d love to share more about it with you!

If you’re interested in bringing this technology to your city, shoot us an email at hello@lazarillo.app! We’d love to work with you to build a more inclusive world together.

Lazarillo. More Accessible Together!