Detroit, Michigan – April 25, 2024

Downtown Detroit real estate company Bedrock utilized the MapVX platform by Lazarillo to create the Decked Out Detroit Field Guide, a unique interactive digital map of Downtown Detroit that highlights local businesses where visitors can dine, shop, park, and enjoy themselves during the 2024 NFL Draft. The Field Guide is fully integrated with the Decked Out Detroit website, allowing page visitors to access the maps on their devices by exploring the variety of businesses listed across the site. 

In-person visitors to the area can access the maps easily from their mobile devices by scanning one of a number of QR codes displayed throughout the area. The maps allow visitors to search for businesses by name or category utilizing a highly tuned smart search technology, giving everyone endless access to the festivities. The Field Guide also features real time updates about changes in entrances, fenced areas, parking zones and road closures, making it easier for visitors to navigate through the area frustration-free. Local public transportation providers including QLine, and Peoplemover have also integrated their information into the maps, allowing visitors to find transit stops along their journey to and from Downtown. A host of additional information about businesses is also available in the field guide, including special deals and events happening at select locations. 

Lazarillo’s MapVX platform allows companies to build interactive digital maps of their indoor and outdoor facilities to enhance the experience of their customers. The maps can be integrated with a wide variety of interfaces, from mobile apps to websites to physical kiosks. All maps created using the platform are also automatically added to the Lazarillo app, which allows blind and visually impaired users to explore independently with audible guidance. The app is optimized for use with screen reader technology, which allows our users to utilize the app accessibly on their smartphones. Using the Lazarillo App, people can browse locations nearby, create routes and navigate accessibly with turn by turn audible guidance, granting users a greater level of independence, safety and efficiency. Public transportation information has also been added to the Lazarillo App, allowing users to navigate to stations, receive arrival and departure information, and more. This integration with QLine, and Peoplemover began as a part of our partnership with the Michigan Mobility Fund, who provided a grant to Lazarillo in order to improve accessibility options on the app throughout multiple neighborhoods in Detroit.


This project showcases the power of the MapVX platform by Lazarillo, which provides businesses with the ability to easily build a custom mapping solution for their community to enhance the navigability and accessibility of their space. If you want to see the project in action, visit Downtown Detroit during the NFL Draft from April 25th to 27th or explore the Field Guide on the Decked Out Detroit website.

For more information about our technology, visit https://lazarillo.app or contact our communications team via email at communications@lazarillo.app.

About Lazarillo:

Lazarillo is an assistive technology startup founded by CEO René Espinoza with the goal of breaking barriers for inclusion with smart technology solutions. Lazarillo has worked with businesses and organizations across the globe to increase accessibility by providing a mapping platform to enhance visitor experience. Our partners include shopping centers, hospitals, universities, museums, city governments, smart mobility operators, and more. Lazarillo also offers a mobile app that provides accessible indoor and outdoor wayfinding for people that are blind or visually impaired. The app is free and can be downloaded today on Google Play and the App Store.