Accessible Transit for People with Disabilities

Today more than ever, technology can create a more inclusive and accessible way for people with disabilities to travel, whether by car, bus, plane, train, or even by boat!

By Daniel Lopez

Globalization has not only changed the way that we communicate – connecting us with people all over the world through technology – it has also changed the way that we travel, making our relationship with transportation a daily priority. 

One challenge that this prioritization of transportation has created is ensuring that it meets the needs of everyone – particularly those that live with a disability whose condition can strongly impact their quality of life. 

From our perspective at Lazarillo, achieving this goal requires effective solutions driven by the feedback of the community of people with disabilities. This is a hallmark of our strategy, and we’ve already implemented a number of fully operational solutions based on user feedback.


In 2021, we started work as a part of the Accessible Streets Studio sponsored by Newlab and Ford Michigan Central to increase accessibility throughout the city of Detroit through our app and platform by mapping high traffic neighborhoods, integrating transit API’s, and working with local institutions to test and gather user feedback!

After testing alongside our partners in Detroit, we’ve added access to public transit information at established stops, giving users the ability to know when a bus/train is coming, create transit routes, and more!

This project has already been embraced by the community of people with disabilities in Detroit, as evidenced by the local response.

We can implement similar solutions in other transportation modes, from trains to airlines to water transportation – all of which could require greater virtual accessibility to allow travelers with disabilities to purchase tickets, create routes, and travel safely.

Accessibility in qatar

Another of the great achievements we made during the last year is our project in Qatar.

In anticipation of the 2022 World Cup, this small country with high development standards wanted to be a part of the more than 50 countries where we are currently implementing solutions, facilitating more access to public buildings, tourist centers, and of course public transportation. 

For the project, we’ve worked to increase accessibility in metro stations, especially those that allow visitors to travel to stadiums. We’ve also added bus networks to our app and platform, allowing visitors and locals with disabilities to move throughout the country with greater autonomy. 

And the best part? We’re able to implement similar innovations for companies, cities, and transit networks anywhere in the world, providing a simple solution for those that with to increase accessibility! These innovations increase peoples’ confidence, allow them to travel more safely and efficiently, and allow you to reach new audiences. 

You can learn more about our solutions, request a demo, or contact us from our website: lazarillo.app