Lazarillo has begun work on various projects in partnership with Mada Center and Mathaf, which seeks to facilitate mobility improvements and increase services for people with disabilities in Qatar.

by Daniel Lopez

Building a more inclusive society in qatar

The last few months have been full of progress for the Lazarillo team in Qatar, where we have been developing various initiatives in order to empower locals and visitors alike with new and broadened standards of accessibility. This project precedes the Fifa World Cup in 2022, which requires the implementation of more smart spaces to allow for accessible travel and sightseeing for all those who attend. 

To dive deeper into this project, it’s important to first mention our partnership with the Mada Center – an organization that has promoted digital accessibility as a means of increasing quality of life since its inception. 

“Inclusion cannot exist without accessibility.”

This is a conviction shared by Lazarillo and the Mada Center, and the driving force behind our work together in Qatar. If we can build a community with universal access to transportation, accessible streets and sidewalks, special services for people with disabilities, and broadened social awareness from a corporate to an individual level, we believe that we can reach closer than ever to true inclusion. 

And that is precisely the task that Mada and Lazarillo are determined to carry out, allowing visitors to the World Cup to enjoy not only a great football match, but also the opportunity to explore an incredible country.

Opening the doors of culture to everyone

This project includes more than just navigation improvements and mapping points of interest; we’ve also partnered with cultural facilities to open the doors of culture in Qatar to every visitor. 

One of these collaborations is with the Arab Museum of Modern Art (Mathaf), where visitors can now take accessible tours of the facilities using elevators, spaces especially configured for wheelchairs, and Lazarillo’s cutting edge mobile technologies.

Lazarillo gives visitors to the museum the opportunity to navigate through facilities safely with dictated information about each exhibit, ensuring that every guest has the opportunity to enjoy the culture of Qatar. 

Lazarillo CEO and founder René Espinoza gave the technology a try himself as he explored the museum recently in Qatar.

Bringing our passion for change back home

As we continue to work across the world in Qatar to generate positive change for people with disabilities, we invite you – wherever you’re coming from – to dare to break barriers for inclusion with us.

There will always be obstacles to building a more inclusive world, but as long as we continue to work together to build an ever-growing community and generate new ideas, we can broaden our global perspective and get one step closer to a society that is inclusive to everyone.