The device was created by the Sunu company and seeks to improve the safety of blind people while traveling.

By Daniel López

Every day more organizations, businesses and corporations decide to adapt to the new accessibility requirements demanded by millions of people with visual disabilities around the world. This creates new challenges for assistive technology developers, whose work in innovation is driven by the unique needs of people with disabilities.

Today we want to introduce you to Sunu, a startup that created a functional bracelet so that blind and low vision users can move more safely, avoiding accidents such as bumps and scratches from various objects in the upper part of the body.

It is the Sunu Band, a device that works by means of vibrations that warn of obstacles such as signs, lights, tree branches and other objects located at medium height, which are not detected by canes and which generate multiple risks to those who fail to notice them.

“Sunu Band can serve as a complement to the cane, the guide dog and the Lazarillo app itself”, says founder and representative of Sunu, Marco Trujillo.

Lazarillo users can now find a fully updated profile for Sunu in the Lazarillo app. It can be found in the Assistive Technologies category, which you enter from the main screen. The profile contains information about the Sunu Band and its functions, benefits, plans and values.

If you missed the Sunu Band launch in Lazarillo, we invite you to watch and listen to the panel about Sunu and Lazarillo again by using the following link.

And don’t forget to download Lazarillo for free from your virtual store so that you can review the new functions that we have added to improve your experience in the app.

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