October 2020 marks another anniversary since the establishment of the NDEAM together with the U.S. Department of Labor, generating state policies for labor inclusion of people with disabilities. According to a statement issued by the agency from Washington, the main objective is to increase opportunities for the thousands of people living with a disability, involving the participation of both public and private bodies.

For U.S. Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia, October represents an opportunity to reflect on the goals of the NDEAM, promoting the idea that people with various types of disabilities can overcome the barriers imposed by a system that “must open spaces and wills” as quickly as possible. We must work toward a higher standard of personal and professional development, creating noticeable improvements in the quality of life for those who live with physical or mental impairments.

“People with disabilities have experience in solving problems, adapting more easily to complex situations,” said the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Office of Employment Policy for the Disabled, Jennifer Sheehy. “Now more than ever, flexibility is important for both workers and employers. The Month of National Employment Awareness for Persons with Disabilities celebrates the ingenuity that this sector of the population brings to internal labor market.”

New technological tools play a fundamental role in increasing inclusion and accessibility for persons with disabilities. Lazarillo is an example of this innovation, offering greater autonomy to the visually impaired using our geolocation, navigation (Lazarillo Indoor Access), remote assistance and digital map configurations.

Our services are available to all types of organizations and entities, both public and private. This accessibility translates into constant expansion; we are now present in more than 20 countries and function in 25 languages.

U.S. authorities recalled that the crisis generated by the Covid-19 pandemic affects people across the board, regardless of their disability status. That is why all citizens, including those who live with a disability, should be actively involved, “so we can get the economy back on track very soon.”