Increasing accessibility in schools everywhere

From the mapping of buildings to the development of innovative indoor and outdoor navigation systems, Lazarillo has dozens of options for schools to implement on their campuses. 

When Lazarillo began in 2016, one of our first goals was to guarantee accessibility for users in a variety of scenarios – wherever we could be helpful! In doing so, we realized that one of the biggest areas of need for revamped accessibility was in schools, from Universities to local institutions and training centers. 

In addition to the need for more accessible content, these institutions also need to be more easily navigable for students with disabilities, from quads and dorms to libraries and classrooms.

Lazarillo has already begun to partner with institutions across the globe to make the changes necessary for students with disabilities to have greater access to their campuses. For example, we worked hand in hand with professors, students, and the administrative team at the San Joaquín campus of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile to make the University more accessible through our app. The campus has more than 500,000 square meters of infrastructure, all of which is now accessible through Lazarillo.

Thanks to Lazarillo, blind and low vision people, as well as people with reduced mobility, can move more easily through classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, dorms, and even bathrooms. 

Lazarillo has implemented a wide array of options to help improve autonomy for people in educational facilities everywhere, opening doors for growth and development for thousands of users around the world. We are present in more than 50 countries and are constantly expanding the depth and breadth of our services. 

However, to achieve our goal of making every educational facility fully accessible to the community of people with disabilities, we know that we need to raise awareness of our solutions. From Lazarillo users, to teachers and administrators, to policy makers and problem solvers, we have to work together to contribute to the development of accessibility solutions in our schools.

If you want to partner with us or learn more about making educational facilities around the world more accessible, get in touch or visit as at our website: 


Lazarillo. More Accessible Together.